Police Enforcement And The Law Enforcement

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Throughout law enforcement history there has been events that have occurred or changed made to better law enforcement for both the officer and the community. Since the early 1900s, law enforcement has been a part of our society and been there to enforce laws and protect the citizens of our country. Law enforcement has not always been the same though. Before we had what our current law enforcement is today, we had a much rougher version, one that always did not enforce the law, one with less laws to enforce, and different training models that have changed over time due to a changing world. With a changing world come new laws, new dangers, and more for law enforcement to deal with. We will discuss the philosophies of law enforcement as well as the difference between the past and current law enforcement. We will also go into physiological theories as well as models of police behavior both then and now. There are also many different types of policing that has been used and proven to work in the community and provided positive feedback. We will discuss these and how stress associated with the police officers live.

Law enforcement has been in our society for many years. Most scholars recognize that the first modern police department was in London in 1829. (Gaines, 2014) This took many years to set up and later would set a base for many future law enforcement agencies. Just like in America, the English did not like the idea of a police force to enforce the laws…
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