Police Enforcement And The Police Agencies

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Introduce: I think we all can agree that the police agencies, image has been ruined in every way you could possibly think of. I truly believe that no one honors the police agencies anymore. As technology has enhance over the years, far as cell phones, people are able to see what police officers are really doing while on the force. There have been many video release when police brutality was reveal, as well as how the police agencies respond to an incident. Over the years, community policing has declined. People just don’t trust the police anymore. The media has ruined it! The police is here to protect. Police agencies, faces a number of issues today, I found that preventing racial profiling, recruiting and retaining a skilled workforce, and reducing community violence were the most challenging. All points go hand in hand, to actually produce a solution to better the police agencies. Recruiting and retaining a skilled workforce: There are in an increase in challenges, with recruiting and retaining a skilled workforce. Police agencies are having experiencing shortage issues. According to ABCNews, states that the number of applicants to the police department has dropped 90 percent over the past five years, and Reno, Nev., which reports a decline of 50 percent since 1997. There are varies reason why people don’t join the police agencies, such as people view the job as “dangerous”. Most people are likely to join the force simply because it something at heart. According to
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