Police Enforcement And The Police Force

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Police officers are legally allowed to partially use force. The police superior and the public at large expect this due to the nature of the police duties that require them to do so when appropriate. In order to deal with the disorderly elements of the society. People who work in law enforcement agencies may gradually develop the attitude or the sense of commanding authority over the society, this can lead to excessive force. Police need to build a better relationship with the community and there are alternate methods to force. There have been reports that links the Police to using misconduct from the results of systematic factors that originates from the Police Force itself; the pressure to conform to the aspects of the police culture which are designed to preserve a hefty opposition against the criminal subculture while still being able to protect the Police Force interests, this goes to the extent of the Police Force violating the law while at the same time, the criminals are viewed in a suspicious point of view or with a lot of skepticism. Secondly, there is the command and the control structures that have a corrupted hierarchy, with law enforcement, the more rigid the hierarchy is, then the sense of ethical decision-making will cease to exist or be at a bare minimum which ties into accountability, especially in the internal investigation processes.
When Police officers use excessive force it is always kept in check by many restraints through the issuance of the…
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