Police Enforcement Is A Stressful And Dangerous Job

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It is widely recognized that law enforcement is a stressful and dangerous job (Dantzker, 2011). Policing in the 21st century presents concerns not experienced or imagined by police personnel from earlier centuries. Cybercrime, cyberterrorism, mass shootings, and human trafficking are organizational responsibilities unique to police officers of this century (Feemster, 2010). Therefore, just as crime has evolved, so must the individuals dedicated to fighting it. The duties of police officers today far surpass that of their earlier counterparts. The mental stressors that police officers face every day has also evolved. Police work does not only require physical strength and agility, but is also demands mental and emotional stability. This…show more content…
It is also suggested that such oral interviews can be subjective and biased (Nolan, Langhammer, & Salter, 2016). Another area addressed by the literature was the potential to fake personality tests. One article stated “…research findings and at least one well-documented case study that shows coaching to be a problem when personality based tests are used for selecting police officers because it produces skewed outcomes” (Miller & Barrett, p. 339, 2008). The author noted that coaching individuals preparing to take personality tests for law enforcement employment was not only an unfair advantage but also deceptive in its predictive value. Therfore the results for those tests offered minimal practical application (Miller & Barrett, 2008). Whilst the average cost to hire, train and outfit a police candidate is approximately $100,000 for local and $250,000 for federal agencies, staffing remains a major issue for departments across the country (Wilson, 2012). It is imperative that departments invest in persons that can successfully pass the required physical, mental and medical tests as well as the psychological and personality batteries without coaching or faking (Miller & Barrett, 2008). Most departments offer incentives for candidates with college degrees and past law enforcement experience. However, agencies are still finding difficulty in attracting quality
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