Police Enforcement On The State Level

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Small town Holdrege, Nebraska is where I decided to look a little further into law enforcement on the State level. There are quite a few State Troopers in this area, or it seems to be that way anyways. I contacted Sargent John Wagner for an interview. I have to say these men/women in uniform are slightly intimidating. I’m not sure if it is the uniform, or the fact I grew up thinking these officers of the law are just that scary. I guess we shall see once we begin the interview. I began by asking Mr. Wagner how he got his start in law enforcement. He told me that he was eighteen when he joined the military, becoming a military police officer for the next eight years. After he was discharged from the military, he went on to become a…show more content…
His hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and he patrols Phelps, Harlan, Gosper, and Furnas counties during this shift. The troopers’ schedules are pretty set, because they get to vote on hours, wages, vacations, days off, sick pay, longevity pay, and overtime pay every two years. Unfortunately, the officers have dates called “blackout dates”. These dates, every state trooper is mandated to work, which include major Holidays, even the Nebraska State Fair. He also said that if they want any type of vacation, they have to put it in a year in advance. I decided to ask Mr. Wagner about the things he loves most about his job. I was humbled to hear how big of a heart he had. He said his favorite thing to do as an officer, is go to the elementary schools and teach children about law enforcement and safety. I could really tell he cares deeply about what these young minds think of him. He emphasized how he doesn’t want children to be afraid of him or his co-workers. This is such a huge misconception he deals with. I can see some truth in that, obviously in the beginning of my paper, I felt intimidated, and I think a lot stems from my childhood. I don’t ever remember law enforcement coming to the schools to promote safety and teach us how we can trust these officers. I do remember the D.A.R.E. program, however that just touched on being drug free. All in all, I can tell he is genuine when he says he loves to help people. I then proceeded to ask him
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