Police Ethical Issues

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There were a couple of things that I learned in this week’s module. I will start off by explaining major ethical issues associated with the administration of justice in modern times. Then finally I will finish off by defining ethical leadership and by describing ways in which ethical standards can be maintained. To start off, major ethical issues associated with the administration of justice in modern times “The Community Relations Service (CRS), a unique component of the U.S department Justice, seeks to prevent or resolve community conflicts and tensions arising from actions, policies, and practices perceived to be discriminatory on the basis of race, color or national origin” (Principles of Good Policing). The Community Relations Service’s…show more content…
“The department's leaders recognized that in most American police organizations in which there had been widely publicized instances of lack of integrity, there had at one time existed a culture of integrity. They sought a proactive approach that would prevent problems and help the department set the standard for excellence” (Developing and Sustaining a Culture of Integrity). Leaders must always be the first to step up and serve as the example of ethical personal and professional behavior. This pretty much speaks for itself, it’s kind of like parenting, whatever you do, your child will do. “Among a multitude of other duties, the police executive must establish personal credibility with all segments of the community. The chief must articulate law enforcement standards of conduct and make clear what behavior the chief expects of the department’s officers” (Principles of Good Policing). “Leaders can and must affect the ethical climate in their organizations. Subordinates learn from observing the behaviors of their superiors and the consequences of those behaviors. If leaders are rewarded for ethical behavior and punished for unethical behavior, their subordinates will learn to emulate the ethical behavior”
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