Police Ethics

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Many questions can arise when dealing with law enforcement issues. This paper looks to scratch the surface on four of these questions. These questions were answer with my own personal opinions and won’t be found anywhere else but here.
How has terrorism impacted the police mission in the U.S.? What disagreements exist regarding the appropriate law enforcement behavior which fights terrorism but maintains personal liberties?
I feel that since 9/11, the use of police departments have slightly shifted. For example, police departments have had to dig their heels in and provide defensive or “security” services instead of going out on the offensive, preventing crime. Police now have to balance their staff and budgets between providing
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Support your answer. I believe that there are different ethical forces behind a police officer’s actions. Police corruption is often driven by the idea of extra money and power. Police corruption can come from greed or envy and can be driven by other officers that are already involved in it. These police officers see drug dealers making thousands of dollars, but after they arrest them, that same money is used to post their bail. The officers will often try to get involved with the drugs and the money, even though they know it is morally and ethically wrong on all levels. The officers that become involved with police corruption were not always corrupt individuals. For many of the officers that get caught up in corruption, they originally get involved because they have come on hard times. The abuse of force could be something that any officer could take advantage of on a daily basis. Officers may have been teased or picked on in their youth and take advantage of the power of having authority. These officers think that in order to gain respect they have to been hard on every civilian, all the time. The incidents that lead to extreme misconduct are the same incidents that give the police a bad reputation. Civilians think that all officers are the same and if one are bad, and then they all are bad. That is why it is important for police officers to do the right thing, even when they think no one
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