Police Force Against Citizens During The United States Essay

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Nine hundred eighty-six is the number of people killed by police officers in 2015 in the United States, which is more than double the deaths reported annually over the past decade (The Washington Post). That number given is a total count of deaths under any circumstance of the fatality. Police force against citizens has become more and more aggressive each year, all though some of the force is needed for the situation, hundreds of people each year get killed by police that use force that is not necessary. The FBI did a five year study on deaths of citizens by police officers, and compared the percentages of races killed. Outcomes of that were not surprising if you keep up with modern day news, with the myth floating out in space that blacks are more likely to be killed by police than any other race. The percentages read 51.1% black, 46.3% white, and 2.6 other races murdered by police (FBI: Uniform Crime Reporting). If all police officers were required to wear body cameras during the line of duty, it would greatly reduce police brutality and create a much safer working environment. Police body cameras can be made very small and unnoticeable to the public, which can be worn on your shirt or hat. The ultimate purpose of these body cameras worn by police officers would be to keep track of any evidence the officer interacts with, keep officers under appropriate civil control, and to gain more trust from the public. I think all officers over the United States should agree
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