Police Force Observation

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On 10/2/16, at approximately 2115 hours, Officer Sailor #7661, and I, Officer Harrell #3441 were working uniformed patrol unit 3A21, driving a marked black and white police vehicle. We were conducting normal patrol when we received a radio call of possible drunk in public suspects at 287 Parke St. The comments of the call stated there were seven to eight Male Hispanics, drinking and smoking marijuana in the driveway of the apartment complex. The caller stated that only one subject lives there and the rest are soccer teammates.
Upon our arrival to 287 Parke St, we observed a group of approximately eight Male Hispanics standing in the driveway. As we approached I observed the subjects holding glass bottles of Modelo beer. I observed an
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Both Suspect’s had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from their breaths, blood shot watery eyes and both slurred their speech when they talked. Due to Heredia and Ramirez becoming loud and aggressive, the neighbors in the apartment complex began to exit their apartments to observe what was going on.
In an attempt to de-escalate the situation, I escorted Heredia to my police vehicle. While walking to the police vehicle, Heredia had trouble walking and lost his balance causing him to fall to the ground in the sitting position. I assisted Heredia to his feet and walked him to the police vehicle, and sat him in the rear seat.
Officer Sailor assisted Ramirez to the police vehicle and sat him in the rear seat.
It was apparent that Ramirez, Heredia and Solis could not care for themselves. I placed Ramirez and Heredia under arrest for 647(f) – drunk in public. Sgt Gomez #3196 approved the arrest. Ramirez and Heredia were transported to the Pasadena Police Department Jail. They were booked and issued citations for 647(f). (Cite for Ramirez #C412816), (Cite for Heredia C412815). Both were given court dates of 11/15/16.
Officer Gurrola #3314, and Officer Carrillo #1645 placed Solis under arrest for PC647(f) and a misdemeanor warrant. See Officer Gurrola’s ADD report for further
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