Police Force 's Commitment For National Drug Strategy

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From: Detective Inspector 1539 Alan McNeil, Hamiltonshire Drug Squad. To: Chief Constable Gray, Q. P. M. Re: A Briefing Report; The inspection concerning the Force’s Commitment to the National Drug Strategy (2010) by Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary. The objective of this briefing report below is to expound the Hamiltonshire Police Force’s commitment to the National Drug Strategy 2010 and the Serious and Organised Crime Strategy. This will be conducted by evaluating how successful the Operation code named MARSH was, as well as detailing the significant information and strategies used which assisted in the investigations outcome. Operation MARSH: Briefing Report— The covert operation named MARSH is a drug investigation which has…show more content…
SARAH stands for Scanning, Analysis, Response, Assessment and Handover. It is commonly used to evaluate the increase of drugs throughout Operations, in our case, Operation MARSH. Scanning— Identifies problems (and their consequences) which recur throughout the investigation. These problems can then be reordered from the highest priority to the least. Analysis— Analyses the issues which assist in creating the problems found within the scanning process. With the helpful information and intelligence that had been given from the use of the SARAH model, an unknown individual was identified as having control of two distribution networks. It was identified that Webb and Goldwyn were both highlighted as part of the target profile as they had previously been arrested in relation to a drug offence after a level one investigation at the Bull and Gate Public House (previous offence and arrest is unrelated to Operation MARSH). As previously mentioned, the aim of this operation was to gather information regarding the individuals who are involved in the supply chain. To assist with this, the Superintendent authorised multiple surveillance operations which begin straight away. This provided intelligence about the individuals who were involved in the heroine supply chain. Operation MARSH continued on which meant that a vehicle had to be followed to its final destination. It was reported that the vehicle was carrying
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