Police Forces And The Police Force

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Baltimore police force is provided with more resources than a small town police force. The wire showed how provided the Baltimore police was. In the wire it showed how the media turned the murder case into a drug case. When the media got involved the police chief made a new drug task force to fix the problem. This drug task force was made of people in different departments of the Baltimore police. It shows how the Baltimore police force can spared people for a new program. When this drug force started to get information about the suspect the head chief funded the program. With the funded the drug force got more cars, vans, and listening devices to help them get the suspects faster. When the drug force got enough information for a bust. The police force spared manpower and vehicles, so they can get the suspect.
Across America, there are a lot of small towns that makes this country. Within Small Townships there are police forces that only have five to ten officers that patrol acres of woods or farm land. On a daily base these officers deal with minor crime like drugs, aggravated assault, burglary, and property crimes. If a crime happens it can take about twenty minutes for the township police to get there or it can at the state police up to an hour to get on the scene of the crime. In a big city like Baltimore police force takes about three to five minutes to get to the scene of the crime. The township police force might get a police car every couple of years. When a big city
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