Police Functions And Units Of The United States

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Police Functions & Units
Stephanie Miranda

In the United States of America, the police have functions and specific units to coordinate those functions. The role of the police has become important throughout the years with the increase of crime. The police are responsible for enforcing criminal law, maintaining law and order, and investigating crimes. The law and the constitution is where one’s safety and liberty comes from, meaning that the police are the ones making the primary decisions involving the law while enforcing them.
There are approximately 20,000 agencies in the United States of America, that consist of state and local police agencies. Many of these police agencies are loosely connected to each other. (Maguire, 2002) Police agencies are organized in a bureaucratic structure, having the administration of the departments characterized by tasks, duties, qualifications, rules and regulations, and a hierarchy of authority. (Police Organization, 2015) Having this form of organization allows for a more efficient structure. Many police departments are organized in a quasi-military model, making it seem like they are an institution with a war type of mission. (Bittner, 2012) This military model led to the preference for a hierarchical bureaucracy that is based on a chain of command and personnel ranks. Having this type of model plays an important role in the structure of modern policing.
There are three different types of law enforcement agencies within
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