Police Harassment Causes Emotional, Mental, Physical And

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Police harassment causes emotional, mental, physical and racial distress on both the victims and the police force. It is immorally unjust and causes many disruptions in our communities and society. When a person endures police harassment, they may feel angry and alone. Not to mention the physical pain that a vindictive officer may inflict upon their victims. I am speaking from my own experiences and feeling towards the situation. I’ve been in the same predicament that some of these innocent people find themselves in. Being mentally distressed can actually cause the victim to lash out. This can become a problem to society and the community. A person never knows how a victim may react. Victims may want to seek their revenge and attempt to…show more content…
These also affect the police department. Gaining unwanted attention and press that no business would want. People should be taught their rights to protect themselves. A police officer would be more likely to back off if they encountered a person who was not naive, and knew their rights. Harassment by Police has been an ongoing thing for years. Resulting in many people having been effected. In Dothans Eagle’s “Enforcement or Harassment” he tells of a country crossing club possibly being victims of police harassment. Dothan begins by opening with brief information about the case. He adds his opinion on the case directly stating that the case is a “convoluted mess (Eagle)”. This technique gives the reader a strong impression that something is wrong with the case. Therefore it creates a set emotion in favor of Dothan’s persuasion. The second paragraph goes on to use logical appeal by asking the questions of whether gambling should be legal? followed by, whether certain forms of gambling are legal in Alabama. Although this is an effective appeal to his audience, the way he introduced his question seems almost manipulative in the sense that he almost forces his ideas by insisting heavily that there is trouble in this case. He states “we’ll attempt to make sense of…where the trouble starts(Eagle).” He also uses logical appeal by explaining the other side’s argument fairly and unbiased. He explains that slot machines are
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