Police Have Murdered A Total Of 942 Civilians Essay

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Currently, police have murdered a total of 942 civilians in 2016. In the month of September alone, police have murdered a total of 48 civilians. These statistics provided by The Counted, only include murders that have been reported. There are hundreds, probably thousands, of unreported murders that we will never know about, names that we will never see trending on social media, bodies that were never returned to their families, bodies that were returned to their families but with fabricated stories and explanations, people who no one could mourn because no one knew about them. I used to think that police brutality was something that happened in the 60 's and its remains could only be found in my history book. But then, Trayvon on February 26, 2012. I used to think that only Black boys who were caught in the dark in southern states like Florida could be killed. I used to believe it would not hit any closer to home. I used to think my father was safe whenever he left the house. I used to think that as long as we were inside when the sun set.... But then, Eric on July 17, 2014. I used to think "at least Alex is least I know my little brother will be here every day when I get home." But then Tamir on November 22, 2014. Before it could even register that my body is not safe from being used as target practice, Sandra on July 13, 2015. I could leave my mother on her knees in unexplainable pain and grief or worse, she could leave me. I don 't remember when, but at some
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