Police History

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Police History Gamaliel Diaz- Maldonado University of Phoenix Introduction To Police Theories And Practice (CJA/214) April 11, 2013 Police history The United States and Puerto Rico have a fast growing society. This Society with a different points of view and social class who divide the people and his positions in our community. Analyzing the situation in deferent’s point of views we always see a common merge to make the real situation work out for us and the persons who surrounds us. For some people the souses of strong punish laws and for other the respect for the authorities roles like cops, agents or detectives. But the base of a souses is the discipline of the laws enforcement it self. Some person’s base his trust in heroes…show more content…
Don’t matter the gravity of the crimes they gone prosecute using the laws. The federal justice system and the state justice system have some differences between each others. For the state side they have only one police force who divide in different parts. This Police force star in the county and finish in the state department. They have a a control from air to ground and sea. In the federal police force system we have a similitude in control but with a better order. The police force is divide in deferent’s branches, depending the laws. Each one of the branches are in charge on typical stile of crimes. Assaying branches to designating types of crimes help to have more focuses of the officer or agent and with the proper trainings specific in that side, the agent or police officer have more knowledge to resolve and manage the crime scenes. This is one of the principals reasons why the federal justice system is more complete and effective against crimes. Today’s days we a have a cooperative relationship between the federal police system and the state side police system. This relationship shows a advance in the clarification of the cases. If this relationship get broke we gone see more crime because if the federal police system and the state side police system don’t work together hand by hand the population and the society it gone star losing respect and trust reliable in the police force, federal
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