Police Influence On Society : The United States

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Police Influence on Society The United States is one of the most civilized and structured countries in the World. Since the early settlers came to the new country and established settlements there has been a need for law enforcement. As most of the settlers immigrated from English colonies it is no surprise that law enforcement in the new world was modeled from English culture however, no matter if its United States or England government is the foundation of law enforcement. As such, policing in this country was created and controlled by the ruling classes. In this paper the relationship between law enforcement and ethnic groups will be explored. [It wasn’t until the 1800s that there were police agencies that even faintly resembled the agencies that we have today. They were modeled after Sir Robert Peel’s London Metropolitan Police. As in England, the population of Colonial America began to grow and immigrant groups began to arrive from various countries (Archbold, 2012). Some of the earliest immigrant groups were from Italy, Germany, Ireland, and some of the Scandinavian countries (Archbold, 2012). As the population increased so did social disorder, new racial and ethnic groups were often seen as the source of the unrest (Archbold, 2012). In the southern states Slave Patrols were formed to manage and maintain control over slave populations (Archbold, 2012). These patrols were known to be brutal and cruel in their methods of control, they continued their work until

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