Police Influence on Society Essay

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Running Head: POLICE INFLUENCE ON SOCIETY Police Influence on Society CJA/344 Historically, this nation of the United States has proven many times over its dominance over those who are different to those in power. The United States has proven time and again that it can and will discriminate against others it considers less than equal. This is proven and demonstrated to all U. S citizens and those who are not, in our history books throughout school. Every year affording student’s new information of how the United States demonstrates its power over those that are different. From the demise of many Native American tribes; the internment of Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor; the discrimination and segregation of African…show more content…
In reality, no one is exempt of crime; anyone is capable of committing crimes and need is not always the deciding factor. Those fortunate of economic wealth also enjoy the privilege of a high social status, and those of high social status do not need nor do they commit crimes. A myth, of course, but still believed by many. On the other hand, the less fortunate suffer discrimination based on their poor economic status among other factors. “Minorities experience unequal treatment and have less power over their lives than members of a dominant group” (Robert McNamara, 2009). To understand how discrimination has changed throughout the years, it is important to understand the gradual but never ending influx of people from different countries into American soil. The concept of discrimination is fairly odd considering all people within the United States with the exception of Native Americans are all immigrants to this great nation and yet generation after generation people continually do to new cultures that which was once experienced by them and is possibly still experienced by their race or ethnic group. People that have lived within the United States eventually gain a sense of “national identity” and “identify with being part of the larger society” (Robert McNamara, 2009). With so many different
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