Police Leadership Approaches When Communicating With Others

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There are thirteen applicable police leadership approaches when communicating with others. Each one of these approaches has their strengths and weaknesses when applied to the management of correctional officers, which adds to the diversity of the field. In this paper, I will be discussing the theory of leadership and giving in police leadership. The pros and cons of leadership and giving will also be analyzed. Within the chosen theory is several business relationship categories which show how others can or may perceive them based on these traits. Additionally, the traits discussed in this paper can further be applied to probation officers in their daily setting.
A brief job description of a probation officer:
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Evaluating probationers to determine the best course of rehabilitation. Providing probationers with resources, such as job training also testing probationers for drugs and offer substance abuse counseling to those who need assistance with it. Monitor probationers’ contact with law enforcement. Conduct meetings with probationers and their family and friends to know how they are doing since they started and if they are following all the rules. One big part of the job is writing reports and maintaining case files on the probationer.
A brief description of Leadership and Giving:
The leadership and giving theory was made by James Grant a Psychologist who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. Grant says that in this service-based economy buyers and receivers services are concerned about interactions with trust in the provider. Leadership and giving have three types of business relationships. These relationships are takers, givers, and matchers. The takers in leadership and giving are the people who are all about themselves. Everything they work for and achieve in their lives id for their personal self. They do not care if they put someone else down or even friends if they are in the way they would take them down for their own achievement. Moreover, takers will only put others first if they into their agenda. If the person or people do not fit into their agenda, they are most likely used as a
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