Police Misconceptions

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Now, the world is a place of tyranny, deceptions and lies. The everlasting flag that defends human rights is being carried by those who are our greatest enemies of human rights, and the justice system is taking lead among them. Take a look at what they do to the black communities in their own country. It’s not about the past anymore. It is no longer about 50 or 100 years ago that they claimed to have reforms or plain change. This is about now, and the major cities. All the places that claim to support human rights and freedom, the problem of discrimination based on race has yet to be solved. I see the society and their views, people are deprived of security only based on the fact that they have darker skin. Those who claim that they support…show more content…
Their activities are way more mundane then what we think, authority is given to them to rule over the communities. Steven Lukes, Power, helps give a definition to this “power” that authorities have. He says it is: the capacity to bring about outcomes” (Lukes 59). He then gives us synonyms like “force[ful], violence, manipulation, and strength (Lukes 59). The contradictions are evident, this misconception is these officers are putting a stop to the “violence and manipulation” when in many cases they are the cause of them they misuse their inexplicitly defined power based off of the location in which they are…show more content…
For more than a decade I have called this city home, a combustible mixture of crime, hopelessness, and poverty, against a rich history. People see it in many different ways, I say its two Baltimore’s, but the two have never been reconciled before. Those who don’t live their see it as the Inner Harbor a great place to go, the Ravens, the Orioles. I see that as well, but I also see the struggle of those who live just outside the Harbor, the area that tourist continue to be completely uneducated about. You see the attractions with money, I see the family of six that don’t have a place to lay their head at night so they have to sleep in abandon houses with boarded up doors and windows. This image does not completely define what it means to be from
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