Police Misconduct And Brrutality In The Criminal Justice System

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Police Misconduct and Brutality in the Criminal Justice System
Caressa Cornelius
Law and Society

The Criminal Justice system is very flawed here in the United States and could use so much work. The one thing that is a serious issue in today’s Criminal Justice system would have to be Police misconduct/Police brutality. Some police officers tend to believe that because they are a part of law enforcement they feel like they are above the law. This isn’t a good mentality to have while you are supposed to serve and protect. When a police officer does something he/she isn’t supposed to do it’s like they know they won’t get into trouble because let’s be honest, a police officer’s word vs a regular person in the community’s word. Most of the time that police officer will get away with whatever it is and that is just the sad truth. When most people think about the police these days they are scared. Not because they should be because no one should be afraid of the police, after all they are here to serve and protect. This is how things should be when it comes to the police and people in the community. People should be able to trust police officers and feel comfortable instead of afraid when they are around, but the recent string of events that has been going on with police officers has everyone on edge when they are around police officers. This isn’t how things should be. All of law enforcement shouldn’t take the blame for just a few other police officer’s mishaps
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