Police Misconduct And Corruption

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Police Misconduct and Corruption Police corruption is something that has been around a very long time. This started around the time the KKK came into development which contained several police officers back in the 1860’s. This happens to go on in many different ways in today’s society and has been caught on several occasions. Police corruption goes on around the world in many different countries involving many different groups. This being the mafia, gangs, anything along those lines that may pay the police to secretly overlook them or ignore them more than others. Back in the mid to late 19th century, when there were things such as violent strikes, groups like the KKK acted as “vigilantes” in their words, to fight crime and protests. They used misconduct such as violence which obviously violated people’s rights, so the Civil Right Act of 1871 was put into place. This legislation criminalized acting under state law to deprive a person of their constitutional rights. There happens to be a part, section 1983, which directly relates to police misconduct and respecting people’s constitutional rights. Moving on to the twentieth century, legal approaches were used to confront this problem of police misconduct and the abuse of power. One thing being the Civil Rights Act of 1964 being introduced. This helped protect citizens who had been a victim of being discriminated against for a long time. This did happen to help out with the misconduct, but there were still several things

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