Police Misconduct

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Police Misconduct American Intercontinental University English paper Latarrace Johnson 8/25/2013 ABSTRACT Police misconduct is currently on the rise in many cities. Police misconduct can be define as false confession, false arrest, falsified of evidence and lying under the oath. For many years police crimes have went unreported and punishments are never given. We now have to put an end to these wrongful duties taken by police officers around the world. Have you ever experience police brutality or discrimination? Have you ever heard the police officers lying under the oath? All of these are some examples of police misconduct. Police misconduct is illegal actions performed by the police officers. Theses wrongful duties can…show more content…
The officers than began to search the home after finding that there was no drugs in the home and that they had the wrong home. The officers planted drugs in Kathryn basement while she is dying but stairs, after the shooting the same three officers met up at an unknown location to talk about what happen, so that they could all have one story. The paperwork from the investigations stated drugs was from in the home had been false. During the investigation the three officers admitted to lying when they submitted drugs they found in Kathryn home. The three officers was charged manslaughter and sentence to five, six, and ten years. In 2006 (Chicago), An 21 year old lady was arrested for erratic behavior at the airport. The commander instructed the officers to take Christina Eilman to the hospital where she can have a psychiatric evaluation. The officers instead took her to jail where she was release the following day into one of the cities highest crime area. Christina wander into a high-rise of the Robert Taylor homes where she was rape and thrown from the seventh floor window. Christina suffered from severe brain injury, shattered pelvis and collapse lung. The injuries have left Christina mentally impaired for the rest of her life. In the mid to late 1900’s the code of silence was introduce to the police officers, The police officers live and work under a code of silence called the blue code of silence in the United States. The blue code

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