Police Misconduct On The Street Still Continue Throughout The Community

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Over the years, law enforcement has been involved in many of unethical events that caused the community to lose trust in them. There are many of reasons why it is difficult for the police to have interaction with the citizens of the community. One reason the community do not trust the police is because of racial profiling. Racial profiling has been going on for years and now the community is getting tired of it. An example of racial profiling is a group of black teenagers being pulled over because of the kind of car they are driving. Along with this act and many of other police corruption acts has caused the community to question themselves about law enforcement. Many of concerns about police misconduct on the street still continue throughout the community. Cities across the globe have experienced intense altercations stemming from deadly shootings of citizens and allegations of excessive use of force. Police are sworn in to “Protect and Serve” everyone in the community no matter what race they are. Less than a week after Katrina hit New Orleans on September 4, 2005, police executed 40 year old Ronald Madison and 17 year old James Brissette and injured four others. Five of the New Orleans covered up the corruption by lying saying that people was shooting when they arrived at the scene. When the officers arrived at the Danziger Bridge they just started shooting at unarmed victims. Officers covered up the killing by planting a gun at the scene, fabricated witnesses and

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