Police Officer And Wear A Body Camera

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Jinzhao Lu
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Becky Goldberg
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January 22, 2015
Police Officer to Wear a Body Camera
I. MY QUESTION On Wednesday December 3rd 2014, “Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the
New York Police Department was accelerating its efforts to outfit nearly every patrol officer on the force with body cameras” (Santora and Stewart). While crime has always been a problem for a major metropolitan center like New York City, it is rare to see that the new measures in crime prevention involve protecting civilians from the very people hired to guard their safety. This new measure in crime fighting technology, which require each police officer to wear a body camera to record their interactions with civilians, has gained much weight in the recent news due the headline making events such as the riots in Ferguson, Missouri. To combat the growing public’s growing distrust of the law enforcement authorities, “Mr. de Blasio said the cameras would provide a sense of accountability and transparency” (Santora and Stewart).
I was very surprised when I first heard that police officers in certain states of the United States were going to be required to wear body cameras. I was surprised because I thought many people would be against the intrusion of their privacy, and the fears of government intrusion would normally bring fierce debates against the authorities. However, I became even more confused when it became clear that the cameras were not for the surveillance of
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