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The core values of honesty, integrity, respect, fairness & compassion and courage are at the top my personal and family values. The importance of honesty and integrity prompted me to join the academic and non-academic misconduct board at Mount Royal University. In my current part time position of a Loss Prevention Officer at Calgary Coop, I am demonstrating respect, fairness and compassion with the shoplifters and unruly customers that I have to deal with on a regular basis, many of these individuals can be suffering from mental health, addiction, poverty and other serious issues.
I can be a valuable member of Police Auxiliary Cadets as I have learned how to interact with individuals from all ethnicities and age groups in a respectful and compassionate manner. Being able to speak Punjabi and understand the Indo-Canadian culture will help me to add additional value in my daily duties as a cadet. Report writing and other administrative task are easily performed by me due to my experience in the security industry and Criminal Justice Studies underway by me at Mount Royal University.
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Taking part in the Calgary Police Citizens Police Academy has provided me with new knowledge and appreciation for the specialty units with the Service.
If given the opportunity to become an Auxiliary Cadet, I am positive it will help me further enhance my skills greatly and make me a very competitive candidate to become a police officer with the Calgary Police
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