Police Officer As A Officer

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Within all police departments in the United States there is police rank. Which is a ranking of officers in command from either highest to lowest or lowest to highest. The ranking starts with the Chief of Police than the Deputy Chief, Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant, Detective, and lastly your regular officer. The Chief of Police is in charge of the department and everyone below him or her. The person in command right above officers is usually a sergeant or lieutenant and this is the officers direct boss rather than the chief of police. Having different ranking for officers is important because those that are higher in command are the ones that are in charged and train the new officers when they come into the police department. When training the new officers those higher in command, tell them what is wrong and what is right and let them all how the police department works. So it only seems right that when an officer takes part in police misconduct not only should that officer be held responsible for the police misconduct, but his superiors as well. However, when police misconduct takes place within law enforcement an officer in high command is rarely held accountable for the wrongdoing that has taken place. Instead the blame is place on the law rank officer. Whoever is in high command like the Chief of Police or Captain should be held responsible for what has taken place within their police department. An officer that is high in command should as well be held accountable is
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