Police Officer Career Paper

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The career I have chosen that I want to do is to be a police officer because I have always wanted to be in the military or be a police officer, it is a well paid career, and I will enjoy it. I have always looked up to police officers ever since I was a little kid. Police officers have always been my hero’s. As I started growing up and looking for a career field to go into I knew from the start I would not be able to sit behind a desk for the rest of my life. I thought about multiple different options such as military, mechanic, and firefighter for a long time. I finally decided on wanting to be a police officer after talking to people from the different career options and researching the options because it seemed like it would fit for me.…show more content…
To be hired at most departments now you have to have thirty to sixty college credit hours or at least two years active military experience with no less than an honorable discharge. Hiring requirements keep getting harder every year. Most departments will not hire anyone that is not in really good physical condition. To be a police officer, I will have to have firearms training and a certification that will make me able to carry my gun while off duty. I will also have to be phase four CLEET certified to work for most departments. CLEET stands for Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training. It is the certification I will get from OSU/OKC police science program. There are four phases of CLEET but to be a police officer you have to be phase four. I have already talked to an advisor at OSU/OKC about stretching the police science program to three years so that I will still be able to work full time while I am in college. I will only be going twice a week for the three years so that I will graduate right before I turn twenty one. Twenty one is the legal age anyone has to be to be a police officer in all fifty states. Some departments will take cadets as young as eighteen years of age. To be hired most departments will send a person through multiple interviews, a polygraph test, drug test, and a physical test just to get hired. Most departments…show more content…
There are many steps I will have to go through and qualifications I will have to get, but becoming a police officer is my dream. One thing about me is I do not stop short of my goals. If I have a goal I will reach it and not stop trying until I reach that goal. I know being a police officer is going to be dangerous for many reasons, but it is just what I want my career to be. I will not accept anything less from myself than being an officer at one of the best agencies there is. I will do my best to be the best police officer I can
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