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MY DREAM JOB _________________________________ By:___________________ Section:________ DREAM JOB Name:_____________________________________ Section:_______________ Your Dream Job Assignment will be a 4-part project… ▪ My Ideal Job Profile (15 points) ▪ Written Reflection (40 points) ▪ Career Project (20 points) ▪ Business Card (15 points) Written Reflection 40 points The written reflection is a 5 paragraph essay (each paragraph should contain at least 3 sentences) that must answer the following questions: 1. Introduction • Paragraph 1: What job did you choose and why? 2. Body • Paragraph 2: How does this career fit (or does not fit) your…show more content…
|There are sufficient details to develop |There are 2-5 spelling errors | |(3 points) |Purpose of the writing task is maintained |the topic, but they are not fully |There are 2-5 punctuation errors | | | |developed | | |Basic |Addresses 4 of the 6 questions throughout the writing |More specific details are needed to |There are more than 5 spelling errors | |(2 points) |Purpose of the writing task is partially maintained |develop the topic |There are more than 5 punctuation errors | |Below Basic |Addresses 3 or less of the 6 questions throughout the |There is little or no use of details to |Spelling errors make the writing difficult to read| |(1 point) |writing |develop the topic |Punctuation is missing, making the writing | | |Purpose of the writing task is unclear or absent | |difficult to read | TOTAL____________/20 x2 =____________/40 Career Project Rubric (20 points) | |Focus (x2) |Content

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