Police Officer Requirements

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Police officers have been in the news and spot light a lot lately for how they have had some sort of misconduct on how they reacted in a certain situation. Which made me wonder if police officers go through enough physical and educational training and if we need to raise the minimum requirements? I think police officers go through a lot of educational training before they even get to be on duty. Before even getting hired as a police officer you go through a lot of interviews that will get you kicked out of the program if you answer wrong. Even though they would be more educated, could handle situations better, and not be in the news so much for misconducted, police officers go through enough training with their police academy we shouldn’t change the requirements
The minimum education requirement to be a police officer is a high school diploma or a GED. Which I think
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There would be a lot of police officers who would either be grandfathered into the new system if we changed it or they would have to go back to school to get their degree. I think if we changed the requirements to be a police officer it would turn away more people from the job and the job itself isn’t exactly a dream job in the first place. You don’t get paid that well, and you are also in harms way all the time. I am not sure why but there is a lot of hate for police officers so you have to walk around knowing you are a target because you are in a police uniform. I had a conversation with Gus Wessel NIC’s school resource officer and he said his least favorite part about the job is “walking around I try to be as safe as I can be but no matter how safe I am I can never be safe enough.” (Wessel) There is not exactly a lot of people running up saying that they want to be a police officer so I think if the job requirements changed there would be even less people that would want to be a
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