Police Officer Research Paper

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Law enforcement officers is one of our greatest investments in American society. They are sworn to “protect and serve citizens. But some time the forget how important it is. Kam the writer of the book said that “officers need to know how to write “because there reports are used by attornies judges and maybe POs to. Police officers don’t want to know how to write and many do.

The over goal of policing is to stop crime in its track and now. So crime fighting don’t only involve arrest but ensuring that a accurate written police report is filled is also a essential component of crime fighting. We don’t always give police enough credit for there work and there is a need to recognize and include good writing skills in policemens training.

I for one am a good policemen and I dam sure do good work. We need to as well. When we start to focus onlaw enforcement we have to also include all …show more content…

But if a career move is considered its good to test youre writing so you can move up on rank and be a better sgt. you can do this easily. Finally all you need to do is be a good policeman. Good writing will come in time as you become a Leut. And then eventually cheif of police. Police chiefs do not have to worry about writing because they have someone to write for them. Writing is something that you are born with and you just have to do it when you get older (Kam and Davis, 213). But according to Davis & Kamm (2008) writing should be clear and concise (p.58) regardless if it is narrative or category style (p.38). So, even if I become chief I can get my writer to write and read all of my reports for me. But just in case I do need a back up and should also know how to write reports and to be able to assess my officers writing work. So I will remember that M s Jackson ( ) said; it is not that important to no how to right okay, because only some men are born good

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