Police Officer, The Chief Of Police

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When it comes to police officer disciplinary actions, the lines becomes thin and more difficult to read between. It is not such a black and white situation and when it comes to properly disciplining a police officer it can become difficult to do so especially when that officer has either been on the force a long time so there is an established relationship, or the inappropriate act they committed happened just once and they claim it will never happen again. These types of things make it much harder to decide what the right discipline may be for that officer.
As the Chief of Police, the Deputy Chief of Police advises me that one of my officers is being investigated for inappropriate behavior. This police officer is under investigation for watching pornographic websites on the company computers. When he is confronted with the allegation, the officer denies this allegation but upon further investigation the computer crimes analyst proves that it was this officer that was using the computer to access these websites. When confronted with this information, the officer then admits to the wrongdoing but claims he will never do it again. This officer has only been in trouble once before over ten years ago for a traffic violation and is otherwise a good officer. As the Chief of Police it is now my decision to choose whether this officer should be terminated of his duties or if he should face severe disciplinary actions.
It is a difficult decision to make as disciplinary actions are
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