Police Officer Training And Law Enforcement

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Police officer training is a vital component to the safety of the citizens that the officers are sworn to protect and the laws that they are sworn to uphold. Police officer training doesn’t start when the officer is out in the field, it begins way before that. Training, you can say, begins at a young age, especially for those that want to pursue a career in law enforcement. Once the decision is made to follow a law enforcement path then all of that person’s efforts should be applied to what needs to be done. Studies that have been conducted show statistics on the numbers of people in academies and what they are trained in. Other studies show the interaction between police and citizens. They also show the type of personnel, the policies, and the practices that are followed. The articles that are being presented will review the training that an officer should receive from admittance in a police academy and throughout their career in law enforcement. The articles will focus on various aspects such as training, contacts with citizens, complaints on officers about the use of force, racial differences, and practices. All of them have something to do with officer training or the lack there of and all should be taken into consideration by an officer.
Actual physical and application training begins in the academy and then out in the streets. Officer training is important and an officer needs to put forth the effort to learn as much as possible to make them a better officer. Not so…
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