Police Officers And Law Enforcement

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Law enforcement officers equipped with body-worn cameras lower external use of force complaints and better compliance during police and citizens encounters creates a more positive experience for police and law-abiding citizens. In recent years, law enforcement officers have come under tremendous scrutiny by the public due to police officers’ use of excessive force. Several deadly force incidents captured on video and not captured caused the arrest or dismissal of police officers. Video footage of law enforcement in the performance of their jobs represents the most powerful visual evidence that can help exculpate or incriminate police officers and law-abiding citizens. The essence of accountability and responsibility followed by the consequences of police misconduct exposed on video allow for better transparency and justice. Officers equipped with body-cameras, reduced excessive use of force complaints and better cooperation from citizen. In today’s ubiquitous cell phone video and surveillance society, police departments should procure body-worn cameras as soon as fiscally possible to utilize and support the officers’ version of events during serious or frivolous complaints. Body-camera footage properly secured, affords departments that ability to address costly lawsuits, especially when officers are wrongly accused of misconduct. In 2015, police distrust and civil disobedience resurfaced when a white Ferguson, Missouri Police Officer Darren Wilson,…
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