Police Officers And Law Enforcement

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Despite some police officers might use authority to frighten and approach others in any way they like, there is still a great amount of officers that do live up to the standard to serve and protect others. Police officers are often needed to reinstate order and regain the compliance from very hostile situations. Police officers are sometimes required to use force that is not considered excessive or the possibility of being accused or seen as brutality.
We can see that the media focuses greatly on these issues of appropriate extents of force and deadly force that is used by law enforcement. Society has always been observing law enforcement through the lens of a microscope and focusing on the negative light that has been shedding over police officers for the past few decades. This creates the concern about trusting police officers with the right of having the ability to use force upon those thy encounter. The worry is that their ability to use excess use of force could potentially lead to an increased notion of power upon a community, which could potentially transform an officer’s attitude to believe he is above the law. At times there may be several justifications for the performance of these police officers. Sometimes there could be issues such as stress factors, lack of training, even improper reporting could be some of the issues that may lead to situations that an officer would not behave appropriately.
Although history has played an important role in laws, there has…
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