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If My Mind Could Forget the Things My Eyes Have Seen Abuse by police officers and officers in penal institutions is a big subject in the media now. Turn to a news station and the chances of seeing at least on case are pretty high. The most unreported incidents, however, is actually assault on police officers and corrections officers. The media does not report these issues nearly as much as it tries to portray officer assault on criminals. Why is it that the media covers up the big issue of officer assault and reports the “innocent” criminals being assaulted? When the media is trying to scare someone they don’t say criminals are bad, instead, make it seem like the selfless officers risking their lives are the bad guys and use it as a scare tactic to create distrust and panic in the public. Abuse falls under six definitions when applied to law enforcement. Physical abuse: The blatant beating, striking, or physical mistreatment of an inmate. This is a very vague area because any physical contact with an inmate can be reported as abuse. Psychological abuse: The mental degradation of an inmate through embarrassment, unnecessary command or criticism. Unlawful interrogation, which is literally unheard of anymore, means the use of starvation, sleep deprivation, dehydration, etc. Excessive force: When compliance must be obtained physically and the amount of force used far exceeds the need. Torture: the use of stress positions water boarding and hot boxing, also
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