Police Officers And Police Enforcement Officers Essay

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Law enforcement officers are authorized to use different forces based on its situation. Officers face many circumstances during the period of their job when use of force is necessary. For example, making arrests, restraining unruled combatants, and while controlling disruptive situations. Incidents involving the use of excessive force by the police frequently receive media attentions, legislators and sometimes even criminal courts. To serve better for a community or country a small percentage of police interactions with citizens involve use of force to server better and protect others from illegal or criminal minds. NIJ- sponsored research explains that police custody arrests (handcuffing) used less than 20 percent of 7,512 arrests. Even in those cases police used weaponless techniques like grabbing or holding can be view as minor types of force statistics on police us of force on citizens. The further support by the research, it indicates that the incidents contain resistance by suspects, their injuries resulting from the police use of force were typically minor. As part of the police force trainings, officers are trained to use force progressively along a continuum and policy requires that officers use the least amount of force necessary to accomplish their goals. The use of force typically occurs when police are trying to make an arrest and the suspect is resisting. And when injuries occur because of the use of force, they are likely to be minor. This is also based
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