Police Officers And The Law Enforcement

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In this society we live in, we rely on our local law enforcement to help enforce laws that supposed to protect us from harm, and investigate crimes when an individual violates a particular law that need to be brought to justice. All police officers are trained to know all the rules and regulation in the handbook of the court of law. One the contraire, there are still some individuals police officers in this nation who abuse their authority of having those rights to serve and protect us from danger. For the most part, the individual’s police officers whom broke the code of conduct on killing a inercent victim or purposely harming them without having the right probable cause to do so, have been brought to justice. These are the type of events that’s scares the citizen of this nation, some feel, police officers have to much power and authority to try and patrol and protect our society from the danger we face everyday. Without having laws and regulations we all must follow, no telling what type of world we’ll be living in right now. If we did not have police officers help to enforce these law and regulation upon of society, our lives will be a scary place for us to live at. Everyday police officers put their life on the line in order to make our lives a better one to live in. They bring down the bad guys who brings harm to our society, and save us from life and death situation which we face everyday. Now days, we see more stories that making the television news, that another
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