Police Officers And The Police Force

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Is there a need to broaden the roles of traffic police, and how so? This essay will discuss this question, and argue for or against whether or not traffic police should broaden their roles within the police force. While there are limited references to refer to on aspects of policing and traffic policing, this essay will discuss the different roles and functions related to police officers in general, followed by what the roles and functions of traffic police are. Following this, the essay will continue to discuss traffic officers in regards to what the communities perceptions of them are, plus what could be done in the future in the form of educating the community of their roles. Along with this, the essay will also discuss how their duties as traffic officers could be broadened and interlocked with other policing units, and argue how this could create either a negative or positive impact in regards to how they operate.
The roles and functions of police officers has changed and developed over the years, as there has been an increased emphasis on policing, and a greater scrutiny on the network and the standards that they enforce into society (Yarwood, 2007). Over time there has been both the introduction and continuation of the different specialist units in the police force, each developed for the same reason – which is to enforce the law and deter anti-social, criminal behaviour. Although in any society police have a central role (Powell, Skouteris and Murfett, 2008), in…
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