Police Officers And The Police Officer

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Strong, courageous, heroic, all words that we hear and use to describe what comes to mind when we think of “Police Officers.” In elementary school, the most common question students would be asked was “what do you want to be when you grow up,” and the most common response would be in return, “a police officer.” Sadly now, most are rethinking this occupational choice. The authority that most cops these days believe they have is over the top; they think that they can take advantage of everything and everybody simply by the power of their badge. Police officers need to have more discipline instead of using their supremacy for brutality; there can be many things done to prevent this prevalent issue of police officers ruthlessness and we need to start taking action now. In our world today, police officers aren’t thought of as “heroes” anymore and that is a problem. Police officers are the people we rely on to keep us safe, enforce the laws of the community, and people we can count on whenever there is an issue; but now fear may become a factor next time we are in danger and pick up the phone to call for help. In tense situations, there are times when police are called on to make quick decisions in difficult circumstances in order to protect their own safety and that of innocent bystanders. However, in any situation where aggressive police behavior raises questions about the appropriateness of the reaction, it is important to investigate the accusations promptly and
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