Police Officer's Over Using their Power

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Today there are numerous reports in every newspaper/media about officer's over using their power/ authority in minor situations that can be easily de-escalated with other alternatives. I will be discussing the many alternatives that are available for officer's to reduced the amount of police related injuries and deaths. As the public already knows police officers have discretions to either use or not use deadly force when they deem appropriate. This authority has set policing apart from every other profession, as officer are guided in their decision-making by policy, training, intelligence information, and more. On a daily basis hundreds and may be even thousands of officers face deadly force encounters and are informed that they have legal authority to either take action but they often opt toward an alternative approach, due to their ethical or moral beliefs. The fact that very few of Canada's police officers make mistakes in their judgement, leading to a few people being injured in deadly force encounters speaks well to the skills officers have but with the high number of police related shootings last year alone, it can be argued that officers have yet to be thoroughly trained on this subject. Officers are trained to de-escalate volatile situations by using tactics such as active listening; calm tone of voice, body language, persuasion and empathy. They also have to be aware of the dynamics of violent encounters and how quickly a suspect can
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