Police Officers Protect And Serve

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Police officers protect and serve. They have many duties like helping people, arresting criminals, investigating crimes and providing security. Police officers put themselves on line every day to protect their community.
Police officers get a lot of attention in the media for using deadly force and excessive force. They may feel they are being criticized for everything they do. When police use deadly force, they usually make a split second decision to take someone’s life when they feel their own life is in danger. When a police officer uses deadly force, “the media is quick to point out the race of the officer, the race of the suspect and whether or not the suspect had a weapon” (Crosby). This can make it seem that all police officers are racist and are killing because of race. Today, many deadly force encounters seem to involve white officers and minorities. According to Dr. Laurence Miller, this is primarily due to the demographics of high crime communities, which usually have a majority white department and minority citizens. In these communities, young black males are more likely to be affected by deadly force encounters. However, in mostly white neighborhoods, the perpetrators will most likely be white males and in mostly black neighborhoods, they will likely be black males. However, cops are humans. They have prejudices and bias just like everyone else. They have flaws and make mistakes. There are some cops that are racist just like there are racist teachers,…
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