Police Officers That Encountered Juveniles While On Patrol

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Questions about Meanings
1. The participants in this study are police officers that encountered juveniles while on patrol. The methods used in this study required the discipline of police officers. Upon making contact with juveniles, police enforced the applicable laws. Methods such as cross population, survey and regression model have contributed to Allen’s’ study. These studies express gratitude in pollution’s between officers and juvenile’s. However, this study explained the process officers’ face in dealing with adolescents’ during mere encounters often resulting in criminal activity. Allen’s study has explored various different factors in the limitations officers run into taking juveniles into custody. The three factors in the article that reflected the officer’s call for custody are disrespect toward officers, curfew/ runaway and suspicious actions. All of these factors play a major role in the reflection of juvenile’s taken into custody. The heaviest factor is the lack of respect towards law enforcement officer. These factors often lead officers to interpret juvenile behavior as criminal. Juveniles dress attire, hair and gender bias create a negative perception. The study addressed adolescent males encountering police while on the street in the commission of a crime.
2. Allen’s study doesn’t just focus on the defendant’s race or the offender’s status in society. Allen’s study reflects more on the perceptions and interpretations officers may
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