Police Officers Wear Body Cameras

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Should Police Officers Wear Body Cameras Ken Davis Liberty University Abstract The pedigree of this literary review will outline some of the dimensions and elements that provide empirical research by reliable researchers using reliable methods. The purpose of this paper is threefold. The first purpose is to review the communication and organizational literature on authority in order to illustrate how police “brutality” assist and continues to evolve. The Federal government does not allow brutality among law enforcement, however “excessive” force is permissible. Excessive force is when law enforcement officers are making arrests, maintaining order, and defending life, law enforcement officers are allowed to use …show more content…

The closing argument(s) of this research on police brutality aids the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to regulate law enforcement to wear body cameras. Keywords: brutality, excessive, discretionary, reasonably Should Police Officers Wear Body Cameras As far back during the time of the Great Depression law enforcement has been used by local, state, and federal government agencies-authority to enforce the law and preserve justice (Yamato, 2011). U.S. law enforcement officers, security guards, and other officials like judges and prosecutors have been given tremendous power. The resolution of the law enforcer is to assert justice and ensure the constitutional rights of all citizens are upheld. However, police misconduct is regularly reported: excessive force, sexual assaults, false arrest, fabrication of evidence, deprivation of property and failure to keep from harm. Excessive force is when law enforcement officers are allowed to use whatever force is reasonably necessary (Federal Bureau of Investigation, (2015). Consequently, disagreement between the police and the citizens are escalating. For over a century the United States citizens have been involved in some sort of opposition with law enforcement. Nearly all citizens, no matter what their race, nationality, and origination have antipathy against the political

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