Police Operation : Patrol And Detective

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Police Operation: Patrol and Detective It may seem impossible to sum up the daily job description for a police officer. Police officers have to wear many hats during a career. From conducting traffic stops to making a death notification to a next of kin, the job of a police officer comes with many challenges. There is no such thing as routine patrol in law enforcement. Each day an officer may face a new challenge they have not faced before and how they respond and react may be a matter of life or deaf for them or someone else.
The Purpose Arguably, the most important assignment in police work is patrol. Whether patrolling takes place using a marked patrol cruiser, an officer’s feet, a bicycle, or on horseback it is an essential part of crime fighting. Since Sir Robert Peel organized the first uniformed patrol force in London back in 1829, patrolling is has been a key component in law enforcement (Dempsey & Forst, 2014). While on patrol officers can be given a designated assignment area to remain visible and respond to emergency call. Remaining visible throughout a work shift often helps to deter crime from occurring and helps to give the community a sense of security which are two goals for law enforcement. The third goal Peel set out to have officers complete is giving the public access to law enforcement 24 hours a day (Dempsey & Forst, 2014). Patrol With the ever expanding geographical growth in the United Sates most law enforcement agencies have given way

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