Police Operations Paper

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Police Operations LAS CJA/214 September 03, 2010 Arnold Wicker Abstract In the early 1900 policing made up of two basic functions patrolling and investigating crimes. Patrol officers patrolled the areas mainly on foot requiring direct contact with the community they served. The detectives investigated illegal gambling operations and corruption. Looking into modern policing dangers in the job is a primary concern and how to improve measures for the safety of the officers. The taser is a less than lethal weapon used to stop individuals without fatally wounding them. The use of modern technology in today’s policing has become widespread…show more content…
Mobile computing assists officers with active investigations and traffic stops with the department’s records management system and computer aided dispatch. This computer system allows officers to access it at seven days a week, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. The Department of Homeland Security has developed an information network that enables federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to collect and disseminate information among this agency. Since 911 attacks Department of Homeland Security has increased their focus on involving all agencies in the effort to combat terrorist with community policing. The three functions of community policing philosophy: organizational change, problem-solving, and external partnerships. Each function is essential to the issues of prevention of terrorist attacks and immediate response, as well fear factor. Community policing allows the focus to shift on the police placing equal importance on crime prevention, maintaining order, and service prerequisite. The twenty-first century viewed policing from a new perspective. The cause of crime and turmoil often initiate from outside of the community involved, prompting new innovative measures from law enforcement. Street crimes committed by outside perpetrators require close surveillance and
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