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Becoming a Police Officer Keisha Elliott CJA/214 May/114/2012 Jeremy Leach Elliott Becoming a Police Officer The act of communicating is a universal practice shared and used by all human beings. It is so universal that it holds true to many different definitions of its meaning. The act could be defined as the expelling of thoughts into words to transmit information to another person. Communication exists between two or more individuals to share information, ideas, thoughts or feelings. Within the criminal justice system communication is a very important process because of the sensitivity of the lives it may affect. .Communication is Every department may have a different set of requirements before an applicant can be…show more content…
Oral interviews are conducted by department heads or boards to question the candidate on varies subjects and to evaluate the candidate face to face. Most departments also conduct polygraph test to detect or eliminate any possibility of deception from the candidate. Candidates who pass all the selection criteria with disqualifying factors ruled out; candidates are available for the training process. In state and large police departments, recruits get training in their agency’s police academy (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2012). Smaller agencies recruits may attend a regional or state academy. Training includes classroom instruction in constitutional law, civil rights, state laws and ordinance, and police ethics (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2012) Recruits also receive training and supervised experience in areas such as, patrol, traffic control, the use of firearms, self defense, first, and emergency response (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2012). Training in mandated by states but agencies often develop their training requirements to their discretion. For Example, the state of NC requires 16 weeks of police training but the City of Durham Police Academy is 26 weeks long and teaches more than the state mandates (Police Department City of Durham NC, 2012). The classes include pursuit driving, defense tatics, firearms, and North Carolina domestic law (Police Department City of Durham NC, 2012). The recruits learn
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