Police Power Etc.

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Scenario 3 Weatherbell and Farzal are Police Constables on duty when receiving a call from 'All That Glitters ' - jewellers in the shopping centre about a woman who is believed to be a theft.The information they have got about the suspect is : young,tall woman with long blonde hair wearing jeans and black jacket carrying a black rucksack. As the police constables mentioned above drove past Station Square they see young woman meeting the description they have. When officer Weathrbell runs after the woman and confronts her about her name and contents of her rucksack the woman whose name is Paige Tylor looks anxious. As both officers have no proves or evidence that Paige is the woman they are looking for and they haven't seen her committing…show more content…
From the scenario is clear that the man in the uniform is a member of the hotel and he accuses Amrit and Crystal of making off without paying their bill of over £1000. Making off without payment contrary to section 3 of the Theft Act 1978 is an indictable offence which carries a maximum penalty on indictment of two years imprisonment. Jasmine and Dominique have no evidence against Amrit and Crystal except the member of staff at the hotel pointing at them. However according to section 24(4) the arrest can be exerted if the constable accepts that it is essential to arrest the persons in question,because of the following reasons: '- to prevent the person in question causing loss or damage to the property' or ' -to prevent any prosecutions for the offence from being hindered by the disappearance of the person in question.' section 24(5) of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984. At the same time if it is to consider the other available alternative – Jasmine and Dominique not being police officers , Amrit and Crystal may still be arrested by them. Consistent with section 24A(1) of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 a person different from constable may arrest anyone who is in the act of committing a criminal offence or anyone who is suspected to be committing a criminal offence. In that case
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