Police Power Is An Awaking Leviathan

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The higher the individual’s position in a company, the higher the tendency for that individual to carry out a profitable deviant act because of easier access to the organization’s resources. Thus managers, law enforcers form a much higher position level or businesses’ owners can be expected to break the rules and the constitutional law. “In the United States today, police power is an awaking leviathan” (Caldero & Crank, 2010). Every job in its very nature, especially in the criminal justice field, involves a slippery slope or the potential for gradual deterioration of social-moral inhibitions and perceived sense of permissibility for deviant conduct. Corruption and official deviance are both very complex phenomenona and have been in existence for a very long time. Although many aspects of policing have gradually changed over the years, per se, the existence of corruption in policing remained unchanged and very prevalent. A combination of high position, status, and prestige; hence, provide the greatest opportunity for deviant activities, which in turn may turn a deviant motivation into a deviant action. Corruption and Official Deviance in Policing The often sordid world of corruption, the dark side of policing, has been in existence for a very long time. Although many police are conformed to the highest ethical standards, however, the preferred, benign image of these individuals remain a structural cause of problem behavior in policing. Universally, police

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