Police Presence In Neighborhoods With Large Minority Populations

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Police presence in neighborhoods with large minority populations is much higher than neighborhoods with a smaller minority population. This fact along with the the use of racial profiling are two ways that racially biased arrests have become common.
Even though conflict with the police is a major issue that must be addressed, it is not the only problem that stems from our society’s reliance on race for determining a person’s status and value. Another topic that is cause for discussion and reform is the use of the Confederate Flag in America. This issue is not a new one, but just like issues with the police, it recently gained more popularity on both sides of the disagreement. Those in support of it’s use both on personal property and on
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These people call for action to fix the problems that are apparent in all levels of American society, starting with the killing of minorities, specifically African Americans.
An issue that has continued to grow in importance in America is the issue of immigration. While it started back in the early years of our country with the Founding Fathers disapproving of immigration, it has become more apparent as a result of recent events. One major example of the recent events is the election of President Donald J. Trump. His election marks a drastic change in the goals of the United States. Trump’s predecessor, President Barack Obama, worked toward a more open and accessible country where people of all religions and beliefs can reside. Our newly elected president has a different view of other countries and the citizens that inhabit them. One popular example of his differing view of other countries is his opinion of Mexico and immigrants from there. He is quoted in saying “they’re rapists” (Gatehouse and Campbell 32) when referring to the Mexican people that has crossed the Mexican-American border. He is also well known for his plan to create a physical wall along the Mexican-American border to prevent further illegal immigration. In fact, originating from before Trump’s presidency, police officers can check the citizenship

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