Police Procedurals In The Echo Park

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The Interference of the personal with the professional: Michael Connelly’s The Echo Park Michael Connelly’s The Echo Park is the twelfth book in the police procedural series featuring Los Angeles detective ‘Hieronymus’ Harry Bosch. Police procedurals as the name suggests highlight the workings of the methodology in the police department and the position of the investigator as an official functioning within the procedures of this system. Although, the position of an official within the Police Establishment privileges the investigator, it also acts as a constraint. In police procedurals, the institution acts as an authoritative figure that restricts, and it shows the conflict within the self, where the police official, who functions as the detective, is torn between the individual sense of justice …show more content…

Dove says that police procedurals feature a special kind of channel, wherein the inter-communication between the departments takes on an unauthorized turn with the investigator having a personal friend strategically located in a position to supply accurate information away from the official record (58). In The Echo Park, Rachael Walling is an FBI agent, where her involvement with the Gesto case comes only through her relationship with Bosch. In fact, the case is supposed to be under the confidentiality of a few members and the interference of the FBI is a strict prohibition. She helps him do the psychological analysis of Waits and she uses her influence to bring out the juvenile file of Waits from the DCFS office without the court order. She is also the love interest of Bosch. Apart from the personal relationship, throughout the novel both of them work as partners to solve the mystery. Being secluded from his department, because of ‘home duty’, which in simpler terms means temporary suspension, Walling is the only person who supports him to continue with the case. In terms of both personal and professional support, she is the only person Bosch can reach

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